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From its humble beginnings in 1959, Mt. Moriah AME Church has grown to over 5,000 in membership.  This growth has blessed us to expand our territory and we are now in process of constructing a new edifice.

Mt. Moriah is a bible-believing church focused on teaching and keeping the word of God at the forefront of worship to ensure that we build believers to build the body of Christ.

Through our prayers and tithing God has provided Mt. Moriah with the blueprint – the master plan.  At Mt. Moriah you will begin to see your life transformed from a seed into a bountiful harvest.  Through our various ministries, fellowship, and worship services you will be empowered to find your purpose in the House.

The movement that is sweeping across MoriahCity is taking our worship experience to new heights.  God has used unlikely methods and resources to bless us.  Our blessings have promoted our desire to serve Him and allowed us to minister to others through our testimonies and the various ministries offered at MoriahCity.

We’ve taken our God-given talents that we have used in the secular world and brought them back into faith-based ministries to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  These ministries foster collaboration, cohesiveness and motivation by building networks and cultivating internal and external relationships.

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